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To whom it may concern

Given that the protracted pandemic is making people search for fun new things to do, would you be interested in award-winning funk band The Civil Engineers’ first-ever Barn Burner?


The Civil Engineers will be releasing their latest EP Heads on Birds on Saturday, Oct. 16th, at an outdoor festival on an idyllic farm in Sun Prairie. Joining the band on the bill are local groups Joe and the Band, The Earthlings, and Ramshackle Shakedown. Also featured will be Groove Roulette, the experimental music series that puts together 4 random musicians from different bands for a set of improvised music.


We'll kick the party off at 2PM and will have a full day of music MC'd by Glenn Widdicombe

3:00 - Groove Roulette

4:45 - Joe and the Band

6:15 - The Earthlings

7:50 - The Civil Engineers

9:30 - Ramshackle Shakedown

We want everyone to stay safe so you're welcome to setup a tent and spend the night under the stars.  We'll have beer and food but bring whatever you're going to need to hunker down for the long haul.

Barn One_edited_edited.jpg
Barn Two.jpg

Outdoors in October

While it could be unseasonably warm, we're putting together a heated tent and will do our best to keep things figuratively and literally hot fire.  Regardless, according to the Norwegians, "there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."  Don't let cold weather keep you from getting to the show!

...but why?

Because we all need to let off steam, listen to brand new music, and party outside while the good weather lasts.

“What with the pandemic, we’ve been sitting on this new music for more than – Jesus, I have no idea,” says Rightley. “More than a year is accurate.”

Please let us know what questions you have by e-mailing us at or find us on social media using the links below.

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